About Japanese state-run gambling – bicycle race-

About Japanese state-run gambling – bicycle race-


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1.About Bicycle races

There are many casinos and gambling facilities operating in a lot of countries in the world.

However, the Japanese government does not allow casinos.
Instead, Japan has government-run gambling, the most famous of which is horse racing.
There are others too, and the bicycle racing is one of them.

If you have just moved to Japan, knowing little about the country, this bicycle racing may well be an unknown world to you.
Bicycle races are a type of gambling where you guess which rider is going to come in what place in a given race.


2.The rules

The number of competitors in a race is between 5-9 people.

The distance depends on the circuit, but is from 1500m to 3000m.
In most cases, it’s between 1600 and 2000m.


2-1.About betting

The lowest amount of money that you can bet is 100 yen, which is quite reasonable.

In regards to the takings , if you guess correctly, you get the amount you bet times the odds of your bet.

The more famous rider is, the lower odds, and vice versa.


2-2.How to bet

There are 7 ways to bet on bicycle racing.

The most popular one is ‘exacta,’ in which you need to guess the 1st and 2nd place riders correctly to win.

If you are new to the sport, we recommend ‘quinella-place’ or ’wide’ bets.

With these, all you need to do is to choose two riders.

If they place between 1st and 3rd, you win, which is much easier than ‘bracket-exacta.’

Others are;

“●Triple single
You need to guess 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place riders in order.

You choose 3 riders, and if they finish in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in any order, you win.

You choose 2 riders, and if they finish in 1st & 2nd in any order, you win.

You need to guess 1st & 2nd place in the right order.

You need to choose 2 riders who finish in the top three in any order to win.”


3.An overview of the race

After you arrive at the track, there is a ‘rider introduction.’

Then you bet, and after betting has closed, the riders line up at their starting blocks.


3-1.About the pacer

If you have a good look at the starting point, you’ll see a single person is set in front of others.

This is called a ‘pacer’, and after the race starts serves as the riders windbreak.

At the begging of the race, the pacer leads the riders around the course for what’s known as the ‘opening laps’.

Under the rules, other riders cannot overtake this pacer before the last one and half laps of the course.

It may sound boring, but the pacer was introduced to avoid unfairness in wind pressure between the riders. In other events, the riders team up in a group called ‘Line.’ People from the same local area usually take part to make the groups to scramble for first position. It is a kind of pre-race event, and is quite fun to watch.


3-2.Spurt and Goal

When the fastest rider reaches the point of the last one and half laps of the course, referred to as the ‘backstretch line,’ the pacer leaves the course, and they sound a gong called a ‘Jan.’
The game is getting the climax and heats up.

The most exciting part of the race is the last straight line before the goal.
Heading for the finish line, in an effort to secure first place, each of the riders achieves speeds close to 70km/h.



Bicycle racing in itself is heated and exciting to watch, but there is also the fact that bets start from ¥100, meaning it’s easy to take part in and bet too.

The rules are quite easy to follow, and newcomers can join in too.

If we have peaked your interest, why not come and watch a race at the track?

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