For foreign employees or welfare, our Corporate Housing Service. We find apartments for foreign employees for free!

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  • If you have any trouble during your tenancy,
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The wagaya Corporate Housing Service process flow

You can request a nationwide property search for free


wagaya Support Pack

All the nitty gritty paperwork is handled by the Corporate Housing Representative

(※Please inquire about fees.)


Leave everything to wagaya Japan!

  • We also handle sublease contracts

  • We handle/resolve issues during your tenancy

  • We handle your monthly rental payments

  • Rental Payments

  • Draft contract check

  • Check moving status from previous apartment/Calculate deposit

  • Conclusion of temporary rental contract / Contract payment

Do you have trouble finding apartments for foreign employees?

  • Improving the lives of foreign employees and exchange students (Improving work efficiency/Avoiding returning to your home country early)

  • Moving can be tough, from apartment hunting to signing a contract

  • For foreign employees/exchange students, we handle any issues during your tenancy, and calculate the deposit refund upon vacancy

  • You can leave the apartment hunting to the foreign employees, but if there's such a great service, you'll want to recommend it

For foreign employees, leave the apartment hunting to us

  • Tuhin Abner

    No stress when there's service in multiple languages. Even if it's your first time in Japan, we'll take care of you

    Supported languages: Japanese, Chinese, English


    With the wagaya Support Pack, the Corporate Housing Representatives services are included in the contract

    Supported languages: Japanese, Vietnamese

  • Chen Ping

    wagaya call 24 is a multilingual support call center for during your tenancy!

    Supported languages: Japanese, Chinese

  • Masahiro Kusanagi

    With the wagaya Support Pack, the Corporate Housing Representatives services are included in the contract

    Supported languages: Japanese, English

The first step is to receive a consultation

wagaya Japan's 6 strengthsservice

  • We search for properties nationwide

    Nationwide coverage means, from local town companies to national scale corporations, we receive all their support. wagaya Japan's nationwide network is only made up of real estate agencies that cater to foreigners. We at wagaya Japan are the go-to for general consultation, from apartment hunting progress management to tenancy, to vacancy, we support you every step of the way.

  • Support during your tenancy "wagaya call" Charges apply

    For problems during your tenancy (water leakage, broken appliances, noise, garbage, etc.) we are available 24 hours, 365 days a year, and in 10 languages

  • Lifeline (electricity, gas, water) utility startup support

    When you're starting your life in Japan, the first stumbling block is Lifeline (electricity, gas, water) utility startup. Especially foreigners who can't read Japanese well, if you don't start the utilities, then the lights won't turn on, the shower is cold, etc. and that can be troublesome

  • "wagaya Support Pack": Foreign corporate housing rental service Charges apply

    For corporations employing multiple foreigners, our staff will handle the contracts, any issues during tenancy, and even the deposit reimbursement calculation upon vacating, for each and every employee. wagaya staff will take on all these tasks, and even aggregate the rent invoices, which is a significant advantage. Please inquire for details about this service plan.

    wagaya Support Pack
    黎 媛
  • Furniture and appliances rental service Charges apply

    Overseas, it's common to find fully furnished rental properties. Moreover, in the case of short term rentals, instead of buying furniture and appliances, renting is often more economical.

  • We also sell SIM cards for foreigners Charges apply

    It's often the case that when you land in Japan, it's difficult to contact someone. In Japan, in order to open a bank account, you need a contact number. Before you arrive in Japan, we can send you a SIM card, so that once you do arrive, you'll have no trouble contacting anyone.

    About SIM Cards

Flow of ServiceHOW TO

  • 1

    Access the request form

  • 2

    Send your apartment search criteria

  • 3

    Recommendations for available apartments

  • 4

    Apartment viewing

  • 5

    Application Procedure

  • 6

    Moving In


Q1Do I need a guarantor for a temporary rental contract?

You do not need a guarantor. We provide a guarantor-free service, as well as liase with foreigner-friendly guarantor companies.

Q2Is a temporary rental contract a "Corporate Contract" or an "Individual Contract?"?

We provide both "Corporate" and "Individual" Contracts. That's why we receive requests for apartment searches from both the HR representatives from corporations as well as foreign individuals themselves (or exchange students).

Q3Are there any hidden costs??

The "wagaya Apartment Search Service" is 100% free. However, a regular rental contract incurs stupilated fees (deposit, key money, agency fee, etc.). Also, the "wagaya Sublease Service" also has charges. We have reasonable flat rates, so please inquire for details.

Q4Instead of just foreign employees, can Japanese employees also receive corporate housing mediation??

Absolutely. There are a subsantial number of Japanese customers utilizing this service. We also provide apartment search services for employee family members at a special price.

Q5What kind of issues may arise during tenancy??

Amenity issues include problems with the water heater, leakage, blockage, air conditioner malfunction, etc.
Also, issues that foreigners tend to create are poor garbage separation, noise, and multiple occupancy. If you face any such issues, our company's "wagaya call 24" service will deal with all of them.

Q6When is a good time to request an apartment search??

It's best to request an apartment search about 1 to 2 months prior to your move-in date. We can also handle urgent requests, so please feel free to inquire.

Q7Is there a contract or any fees for a business partnership??

A business partnership does not incur any fees. As for a contract, we can prepare a draft that just needs to be confirmed.

We support apartment seekers from all over the world in multiple language.

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