Privacy Policy

The Handling of Personal Information

The Company receives personal information from clients in the daily course of business.
This document explains how personal information received from clients is protected and handled in accord with the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Law.

1. Basic Policy on Personal Information

 In compliance with the laws concerning the protection of personal information, the Company recognizes the importance of the proper handling of personal information by all employees including executives, and makes efforts to ensure proper handling and protection of personal information.

2. Personal Information Retained by the Company

 1) In connection with these Services, the Company acquires the personal information of applicants for tenancy, tenants, joint guarantors, tenants' families, cohabitants, property sale / purchase applicants, buyers, property owners, real estate companies entrusted with brokerage, management and subleasing, and other right holders (hereinafter collectively referred to as Clients.)

 2) Other personal information belonging to our Clients, such as name, gender, date of birth, address / telephone number, fax number, e-mail address (including place of employment), SNS information, nationality, date of birth, gender, etc. shall also be utilized by the Company.

 3) Personal Information that allows us to identify our Clients, and usage history gathered when connected to these Services shall also be utilized by the Company.

 4) The IP addresses used by Clients when their computer connects to the Internet, portable device identification information and other information acquired mechanically when Users access the server shall also be utilized by the Company.

3. Purpose of Use of Personal Information

 1) The Company shall use personal information to fulfill contracts regarding services such as real estate management, brokerage, rental, buying and selling, building contracts etc., to provide information and services, and to answer inquiries from Clients.

 2) When Clients use these Services as registered members, personal information shall be used for personal identification when logging in and while logged in for automatic display of member information on various screens.

 3) The Company shall use personal information for introducing properties, communicating the results of applications etc., for credit inquiries to credit information agencies, to complete, fulfill and manage lease contracts / joint liability on guarantor contracts / property management contracts / sub-lease contracts / brokerage contracts etc., as well as for post-contract management and after-sales services etc.

 4) The Company shall use personal information to introduce other real estate and services provided by the Company, as well as products and services etc., provided by partners that are deemed useful for Clients, and for sending questionnaires, products etc. (without a signed contract.)

 5) Personal information shall be utilized as statistical data in a way that does not identify the individual.

 6) Personal information shall be utilized for the provision of Services to Clients and for other legitimate business activities.

 7) Personal information shall be provided to third parties to the extent necessary for attaining the purposes of use in (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), and (6), above.

4. The Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

 Clients' personal information may be provided to the following parties.At the request of the Client this use will be halted.

 1) With respect to matters entrusted to the Company by Clients, to persons who may become a counterparty to a contract (a prospective)

 2) Real estate agents contracted for services

 3) Business Participants providing necessary daily services, such as guaranty companies, lending institutions, insurance companies, financial institutions, credit information agencies, construction companies, equipment sales companies, moving companies etc.

 4) Designated distribution institutions such as advertisement publishers / organizations

 5) In cases where it is necessary for cooperation with government institutions or local authorities, or to cooperate with a person entrusted by said authorities in carrying out affairs prescribed by laws and regulations, when there is a risk of interfering in such affairs by obtaining the consent of the principal

 6) When required by law

 7) To other third parties when necessary to achieve the purpose of use

5. Requests for Disclosure, Inquiries Related to Problems, Corrections, or Cancellation

 Help / Consultation window: General Affairs Department Personal Information Management Office



 Clients with disclosure requests please consult with the above.

The Company shall accept no responsibility or liability for damage or loss caused by any error, inaccuracy, or misunderstanding with regard to this translation.