[Charms of the Prefecture]Kyoto Prefecture ~Touring Temples and Shrines (Prayers for Good Love and Relationships) Version~

[Charms of the Prefecture]Kyoto Prefecture ~Touring Temples and Shrines (Prayers for Good Love and Relationships) Version~


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Kyoto prefecture is well known for its temples and shrines. Being such an attractive spot full of charms all year round, many of you may have already visited this prefecture.

Kyoto ranked in second place in the Most Attractive Prefectures 2018. Kyoto City is also a popular city, winning first place for Japan’s Most Attractive Municipalities. As you can tell from these rankings, Kyoto is the perfect place for sightseeing in Japan.
There are countless charms to this prefecture, foods and touring spots galore.

Today, we’d like to recommend you some of Kyoto’s “Success in Love” temples and shrines.


Classic Praying Spots for Good Relationships!

[Jishu Jinja Shrine]

Famous for the God of love and relationships.
When on the topic of love and relationships, Jishu Jinja Shrine comes to mind for many Japanese people.
In fact, this shrine is located right outside of the famous Kiyomizu-dera Temple.

The precincts of the shrine contains numerous spots concerning “relationships”, and the act of going around them is called ryo-en meguri (touring for good relationships).
As you’d expect of a shrine enshrining the God of love and relationships, the place sells various types of love Omamori charms.

Also, in Jishu Jinja Shrine, there is a famous stone called “Koiuranai-no-ishi (love fortune stones).”
Visitors can achieve fulfillment in love if they succeed in walking directly from stone to stone with their eyes closed.
For those who have reached the goal stone with the help of others, they will achieve fulfillment in love with the assist of their friends and families.
It is a fun “pray for good luck” stone.

Surprisingly, the Koiuranai-no-ishi has been there since the Jomon Period (14500 BCE-300 BCE.)
Have a try at it when you get the chance.


Get Your One Wish Granted Here!

[Suzumushi Temple]

A temple well-known of granting just “one” wish per visitor.
Also popular for its lucky charms, “Kofuku Omamori (happiness Omamori)”, people who received happy results have appeared one after another.

★Praying Procedure★

To have your one wish granted, you will need to do the following procedure:
①Face the direction of the temple.
②Hold the Omamori with both hands, so that only the letter “幸(happiness)” shows.
③State your name, where you live, and your wish.

Actually, the formal name of the temple is “Kegonji Temple”, but because the temple raises suzumushi (bell crickets) throughout the year, it is called by the nickname “Suzumushi Temple.” You can always hear the resonating sounds of chirping crickets in the temple precinct.

Suzumushi Temple is surrounded by nature, with various flowers in each season, trees, rocks, moss, and bamboo. You can get a full view of Kyoto City from there.
Another way to enjoy your visit, is to cherish Japanese green tea and sweets, while listening to Buddhist preaching.

This temple is a soothing place, great for relaxing.


For Breaking Off Bad Relationships…!

[Yasui Konpiragu]

“The Temple of Abstinence”
This may sound a little scary, but Yasui Konpiragu is famous for “Breaking off bad relationships, in order to initiate good ones.” Bad relationship doesn’t only concern people, it also indicates any other bad factors in life such as sicknesses, drinking troubles, smoking, and gambling.

In the precinct, stands a stone called the “Power stone monument for breaking bad relationships and initiating good ones.”
Substitute paper charms called Katashiro are stuck to the monument in overwhelming number, that you can hardly see the monument itself. It is an eerie object, but has profound effects!

★Praying Procedure★
First worship at the main shrine, and write down your wish for relationships you want to end/initiate on the Katashiro.
Then, holding the Katashiro, pray silently in your head and go through the hole in the monument from front to back. This first walk will rid you of bad relationships. Next, go the opposite way, back to front, to initiate good relationships. Lastly, stick the Katashiro to the monument.

When going through the hole, you will need to kneel down, so comfortable wear is recommended.
People who come to this temple and perform this ritual will never forget this unique experience.

Have a try at it!


[Notes from the Writer]

Did you find this article interesting?
These temples and shrines all seem to be very effective for wish-granting!
If you want fulfillment in love, these are the best places to go.

Kyoto has many other charms we’d like to introduce.
Next time, we will introduce some more, so stay tuned!

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