wagaya Japan has launched a new website with information on properties for sale!

wagaya Japan has launched a new website with information on properties for sale!


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wagaya Japan has launched a new real estate website that lists information on properties for sale.


■ Features of the new site

① Multilingual service through our multinational staff

The wagaya Japan real estate website allows you to choose your preferred language (Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese). We can also offer multilingual support through our staff from the USA, China, Taiwan, and Vietnam.


② Online negotiation for properties all over Japan

Through wagaya Japan’s affiliate network of real estate companies, we can offer information on properties located all over Japan. We can also make use of online communication tools to introduce properties or conduct negotiations, even if you live overseas.


③ Support for property loan applications and post-purchase management

Besides providing support for property introductions and contract signings, we can also offer support for financial matters, such as introducing property loan plans and banks suitable for foreign clients. For post-purchase support, we can introduce judicial scriveners or tax accountants who can offer multilingual services.


■ Background on the launch of the website

Since the launch of our wagaya Japan property portal site for foreigners in April 2019, we have supported the house hunting of foreign residents in Japan by providing information on foreigner-friendly rental properties. Recently, we have seen an increase in inquiries from foreign investors in and out of Japan looking to buy and sell Japanese properties. Consequently, we have decided to launch this new real estate website to answer the needs of such foreign investors.


■ Renewal of our website as a comprehensive real estate portal site for foreigners

In line with the launch of the new real estate website, we have redesigned the wagaya Japan website into a comprehensive real estate portal site for foreigners. Through our site, you can search for foreigner-friendly rental properties, search for properties for sale, or list your own property. We also plan to open a special site for foreign investors who want to sell their properties. We plan to keep expanding our real estate services for foreigners, whether you are looking to rent, lease, buy, or sell.


  • For real estate companies: List your foreigner-friendly properties for rent and sale with us

The wagaya Japan website receives around 100,000 visitors every month. We are always looking for real estate companies who want to list their foreigner-friendly properties for rent and sale. We can help you create new routes for attracting real estate clients.


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