wagaya Living Support: a Multilingual Service to Support Your Move-in/Move-out and Tenant Life

wagaya Living Support: a Multilingual Service to Support Your Move-in/Move-out and Tenant Life


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wagaya Japan would like to announce the start of a new service called “wagaya Living Support.”


When you move into or out of a rental property in Japan, there are many procedures you need to follow. Some of these procedures include submitting official registrations at your municipal office or bank. You also need to start, transfer, or cancel public utilities such as electricity, gas, and water.


If you are a foreign resident living by yourself, and you are not confident in your Japanese language skills, these procedures can be quite difficult and time consuming, even more so if your municipal office or bank does not have any staff that speaks your language.


Through wagaya Living Support, our multilingual staff will personally accompany you and help you with these procedures. This total support service helps ensure that your new life in Japan starts out smoothly, and helps avoid any problems that may arise when you move out.


wagaya Japan has a proven track record of providing support for the move-in and move-out of foreign residents in Japan. We have received many requests and good reviews not only from individuals, but also from companies that rent properties for company housing, and schools that rent out rooms to their students.



■wagaya Living Support Service Contents

【Services for Moving In】

① Electricity, Gas, and Water Application Support

We will contact your public utility providers to apply for electricity, gas, and water service in your home. For gas service, a technician needs to visit your home, so we will also make an appointment on a day that is suitable for you.


② Support for Opening a Bank Account

Foreign residents need to meet certain requirements in order to open a Japanese bank account. Some banks require you to have been living in Japan for at least 6 months. We will examine your case and suggest a bank that is suitable for you. If necessary, we will also accompany you to the bank to help you open the bank account.


③ Municipal Office Resident Registration Support

We will accompany you to your local municipal office (where your home is located) and help you complete the resident registration procedure. Your new address will be written on the back of your Residence Card. After the registration, we can also help you obtain a Residence Certificate (juminhyo).



【Services for Moving Out】

① Move-out Room Inspection Support

We will accompany you during the final room inspection conducted by the landlord or the agency that manages your room. After checking the room, they will calculate the cost to restore it to its original condition (and subtract it from your security deposit if you paid it). Our staff will serve as an interpreter to facilitate communication between you and the landlord or the agency.


② Electricity, Gas, and Water Cancellation Support

Similar to applying for public utilities when you move in, we will help you with the procedures to cancel electricity, water, and gas in your home.


③ Support for Closing Your Bank Account

If you are leaving Japan, you need to close all your bank accounts before your departure. We can help you with the necessary procedures to close your accounts.


④ Support for Filing Moving-out Notification

If you are leaving Japan, you need to file a moving-out notification (tenshutsu-todoke) with your municipal office. If you are staying in Japan but moving to a different municipality, you will be issued a moving-out certificate (tenshutsu shomeisho) which you must submit to the office of your new municipality when you apply for resident registration.



■Service Coverage Area and Price Plans

wagaya Living Support is currently available in the Tokyo 23 Special Wards and some cities, as well as specific areas of Kanagawa Prefecture, Saitama Prefecture, and Chiba Prefecture.

We are always adding new wagaya affiliate real estate agencies, so we are constantly expanding our service coverage area.


For price plans, we offer the following three packages:


Move-In Pack: Includes support for procedures involved with moving in to a new house

17,600 yen (tax included)


Move-Out Pack: Includes support for procedures involved with moving out and/or leaving Japan

14,300 yen (tax included)


Total Pack: Includes full support for procedures involved with moving in and moving out

27,500 yen (tax included)


In addition to the above packages, we can also provide support for a specific procedure of your choice. The fee will vary depending on the procedure and the area, so please contact us to request a quotation.


At wagaya Japan, our mission is to “make Japanese housing more global.” We are constantly expanding our services to support foreign residents in Japan.


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