What Is the Myogadani Station Area Like?

What Is the Myogadani Station Area Like?


Town & Local Area Info

When moving to a new place, how do you choose which area to live in?
We all have different priorities as to what makes a place comfortable: public security, accessibility to schools and work places, abundance in shopping facilities, etc.
No matter the preference, it is often difficult to find a suitable area without acquiring enough understanding of the place in advance.

In this article, I’ll tell you about the public transportation and atmosphere of the Myogadani Station area.
To those who are interested in the Myogadani Station area, or are on the lookout for a good place to live in―this may be the article for you.

What Is Myogadani Station Like?

Bunkyo City, where Myogadani Station lies, is known as a safe city. Myogadani, in particular, is composed of many schools and high-class residential areas, which is comfortable to live in for both single residents and families.
There are some hills depending on the area, but most of them are not steep, and you can relax as you stroll through the laid back and lush green town atmosphere.
During the Edo Period, this area used to be surrounded by numerous Myoga ginger fields, which was how the city Myogadani came to acquire its name.

Public Transport and Accessibility of Myogadani Station

≪Trains Running Through Myogadani Station≫
(1) Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line

≪Approximate Travel Time From Myogadani Station To Central Stations≫
– Shinjuku Station: 15 min (1 transfer)
– Tokyo Station: 11 min (0 transfers)
– Roppongi Station: 25 min (1 transfer)
– Shinagawa Station: 30 min (1 transfer)
– Ikebukuro Station: 5 min (0 transfers)
– Shibuya Station: 20 min (1 transfer)

The Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line is the only railway line running through Myogadani Station. However, this line runs inside the Yamanote Line loop, so access to central stations is extremely convenient.
There are many stations on this line so you’d have no trouble getting to your destination.

Popular Restaurants Around Myogadani Station

(1)Yakiniku Kazu
A good-old yakiniku restaurant located only 3 minutes away on foot from the station. Workers and families gather in this restaurant to enjoy a great meal. On rare occasions, even television talents and athletes are known to eat out here.
●Restaurant Information
Address: 5 Chome-5-9 Koishikawa, Bunkyo City, Tokyo Fuji Bldg 1F/2F
TEL: 03-3945-6998
Opening Hours: 17:00~23:00
Regular Holidays: Mondays
Store Link:

(2)Sapporo Ken
A golden award winner of the All Japan Donburi Grand Prix. The restaurant stands right outside of the station exit. Besides donburi (rice bowls), this place also serves ramen. University students and office workers love to eat out here. Although there are more male customers than female customers, the atmosphere is comfortable for women too.
●Restaurant Information
Address: 1-4-10 Otsuka, Bunkyo City, Tokyo 銀嶺bldg. 2F
TEL: 03-3947-9225
Opening Hours: 11:30~24:00
Regular Holidays: Sundays
Store Link:

Main Shopping Facilities In the Myogadani Station Area

Santoku (9:30~23:00) right outside of the station exit gate
Maruetsu Petit (open 24 hours) 1 min walk from station
Coop (9:30~21:00) 7 min walk from station

●Drugstore (Medical supplies & Daily Life Essentials)
Welcia (8:30~22:00) 1 min walk from station
Shizando Pharmacy (9:00~20:00) right outside of the station exit gate
Sugi Drug (9:00~22:00) 3 min walk from station

●Other Large Scale Shopping Facilities
Tokyo Dome City 25 min walk from station
Supermarkets and drug stores dispersed around the station offer a convenient shopping environment. Some of the supermarkets are open all day, and people that come home late from work can shop there.
There aren’t so many pubs because of the peaceful residential areas located nearby, but instead there are many food stands and restaurants. Residents who do not cook regularly often shop there.

Although there isn’t a shopping street nearby, this station is only 5 minutes away on train from the terminal station, Ikebukuro, so shopping shouldn’t be an issue at all.

Rental Market Value In the Myogadani Station Area

●General Rent Values From A Current Real Estate Agent
[For Singles] Separate Bath and Toilet/ 2nd floor and above/ 1K
▹10 min walk from station⇒90,000 yen~
▹15 min walk from station⇒85,000 yen~

[For Couples] Separate Bath and Toilet/ 2nd floor and above/ 1LDK
▹10 min walk from station⇒140,000 yen~
▹15 min walk from station⇒130,000 yen~

[For Families] Separate Bath and Toilet/ 2nd floor and above/ 2LDK
▹10 min walk from station⇒190,000 yen~
▹15 min walk from station⇒180,000 yen~

With the Yamanote Line close by, along with the location being in the popular Bunkyo Ward, rent values are not cheap.
The residential area is composed of numerous apartments, from one room houses for single residents to larger rooms for families.
If you keep searching patiently, you might discover a good apartment…

Was this article helpful?
The Myogadani area is all about high public safety. Whether you are alone or live with a family, you can live in Myogadani without worry.
There is only one railway line running from this station, but the Marunouchi Line affords extremely good access to central stations.
If you walk a bit further, you can find other stations on different railway lines.
With no drinking district, the atmosphere here is laid-back, and residents who once live here come to really feel comfortable.
More articles are available for other station areas, so be sure to check them out to find your ideal location.

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