What Is Higashi-Nakano Station Area Like?

What Is Higashi-Nakano Station Area Like?


Town & Local Area Info

When moving to a new place, how do you choose which area to live in?

We all have different priorities as to what makes a place comfortable: public security, accessibility to schools and work places, abundance in shopping facilities, etc.
No matter the preference, it is often difficult to find a suitable area without acquiring enough understanding of the place in advance.

In this article, I’ll tell you about the public transportation and atmosphere of Higashi-Nakano Station area.
To those who are interested in Higashi-Nakano Station area, or are on the lookout for a good place to live in―this may be the article for you.


What is Higashi-Nakano Station Like?

Higashi-Nakano is a station along the JR Chuo-Sobu Line and the Toei Ōedo Line. It affords easy access to numerous locations, which makes the station surroundings a favored area to live.

The history of Higashi-Nakano Station goes back to 1906, when the station started its  operation as Kashiwagi Station. At that time, the station had only one exit (current east exit). Kashiwagi Station was renamed as the current Higashi-Nakano Station after eleven years. Overall, this station has been serving its customers for over 100 years.

The station surrounding is well developed to support the lives of its residents, with station buildings, shopping streets, restaurants and supermarkets.

Later in this article, I’d like to introduce the surrounding environment along with some of my recommended restaurants, so stick around!


Public Transport And Accessibility Of Higashi-Nakano Station

≪Trains Running Through Higashi-Nakano Station≫
①JR East Japan Chūō-Sōbu Line
②Toei Subways Ōedo Line

≪Approximate Travel Time From Higashi-Nakano Station To Central Stations≫
– Shinjuku Station: 4 min (0 transfer)
– Tokyo Station: 24 min (0 transfer) *JR Chuo Line Direct Pass
– Roppongi Station: 19 min (0 transfer)
– Shinagawa Station: 28 min (1 transfer)
– Ikebukuro Station: 17 min (1 transfer)
– Shibuya Station: 17 min (1 transfer)

This extremely convenient access is one of the best advantages of living in Higashi-Nakano; most central stations can be reached with one or no transfers in less than 30 minutes!


Popular Restaurants Around Higashi-Nakano Station

●A well-known bistro for serving Teppanyaki dishes (meats and vegetables grilled on iron plates). This restaurant has a fashionable interior as well as counter seats that provide a relaxing environment for a wide range of customers. Especially exquisite are the Japanese Wagyu beef and the dish of the season! They serve great alcohol too!

●Restaurant Information
Address: Tokyo, Nakano City, Higashinakano, 4 Chome−3−4 1F
TEL: 03-6908-9448
Opening Hours: Tues. ~ Fri. [18:00-23:30 (L.O. 22:30)]
Sat. [17:00-23:00 (L.O.22:00)]
Sun/ Holiday [17:00-22:00 (L.O.21:00)]
Regular Holidays: Every Monday
Store Link: Not available.

●A great restaurant welcoming to single customers! Here, you can relish on Tokushima’s local dishes while living in Tokyo. Their specialty is the Sudachi Somen, which uses a whole sudachi citrus fruit, even the peel and seeds! You should try out this refreshing dish.
●Restaurant Information
Address: Tokyo, Nakano City, Higashinakano, 1 Chome−58−11 Serita bldg. 1F
TEL: 03-3363-7234
Opening Hours: Mon/ Wed/ Thurs/ Sun [11:00-26:00]
Tues [11:00-23:30]
Fri/ Sat [11:00-5:00 following day]
(L.O. 30 min before each closing time)
*Starting from September of 2019, hours 15:00~17:00 will be dedicated to preparation of meals to be served after 17:00~.
Open on Sundays/ No regular holidays.
Store Link:http://awayaicchofun.blog88.fc2.com/


Main Shopping Facilities In Higashi-Nakano Station Area

・Summit (9:00~1:00) Higashi-Nakano Station 1 min walk from west exit
・Kitchen Court (10:00~23:30) Higashi-Nakano Station 1 min walk from east exit/ 5 min walk from A-1 exit of Toei Oedo Line
・LIFE (9:00~1:00) Higashi-Nakano 5 min walk from west exit

…and more.

●Drugstore (Medical supplies & Daily Life Essentials)
・Cocokara Fine (10:00~21:30) 2 min walk from Higashi-Nakano west exit
・Mine Drug Unison Mall (10:00~22:00) 2 min walk from Higashi-Nakano east exit

…and more

●Other Shopping Streets and Large Scale Shopping Facilities
・Atrevie Higashi-Nakano (10:00~22:00) Directly connected to Higashi-Nakano west exit
・Unison Mall Higashi Nakano (differs by tenant) Directly connected to Higashi-Nakano east exit
・Higashi-Nakano Ginza Shopping Street (differs by shop) 2 min walk from Higashi-Nakano west exit

As listed above, the surrounding environment of Higashi-Nakano is well developed and convenient to live in.
A few-minute-walk will already get you to more than one supermarket, which is a plus for both single and family residents!


Rental Market Value In Higashi-Nakano Station Area

●General Rent Values From A Current Real Estate Agent
[For Singles] Separate Bath and Toilet/ 2nd floor and above/ 1K
▹10 min walk from station⇒85,000 yen~ *rent values may vary depending on room size and apartment age
▹15 min walk from station⇒80,000 yen~ *same as above

[For Couples] Separate Bath and Toilet/ 2nd floor and above/ 1LDK
▹10 min walk from station⇒125,000 yen~ *same as above
▹15 min walk from station⇒120,000 yen~ *same as above

[For Families] Separate Bath and Toilet/ 2nd floor and above/ 2LDK
▹10 min walk from station⇒200,000 yen~ *same as above
▹15 min walk from station⇒195,000 yen~ *same as above

Due to its popularity, rent values in Higashi-Nakano area can be quite pricey. However, I can say it’ll be all worth it for those who value living environment and accessibility!

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You should come and check out the environment of Higashi-Nakano yourself.
It is a joyful town, full of delicious restaurants and shopping spots!

I’ve also published articles about other station areas, so be sure to check them out.

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