All About the Aomono-yokocho Station Area

All About the Aomono-yokocho Station Area


Town & Local Area Info

When you’re looking to move into a new place, what kind of area do you choose? Do you consider the area’s safety, its convenience of access, or the commercial facilities available? Every person probably has their own criteria, and finding a suitable area in a place you don’t know is not an easy task.

In this article, I’d like to introduce to you some useful information about the area around Aomono-yokocho Station. Whether you’re looking to move to this place or not, I hope you find it helpful when you’re looking for an area to live in.


What kind of place is Aomono-yokocho?

Aomono-yokocho Station is a station on the Keikyu Main Line, and is conveniently located just 4 minutes away from Shinagawa Station by express train. Compared to other minor stations on the Keikyu Line, Aomono-yokocho Station has several supermarkets and commercial facilities in its vicinity, making it a convenient area to live in. There are also a few temples nearby, so you can also find some serenity amidst the hustle and bustle. A few minutes’ walk from Aomono-yokocho will take you to the Shinagawa Seaside Station on the Rinkai Line, which provides easy access to Tennōzu Isle or Odaiba. The Rinkai Line is also served by some trains on the Saikyo Line which continue on to Shinjuku.


Aomono-yokocho Station Access Information

Train lines served by Aomono-yokocho Station:
① Keikyu Main Line

Travel times from Aomono-yokocho Station to major stations
・Tokyo Station: 21 minutes (1 transfer)
・Roppongi Station: 28 minutes (2 transfers)
・Shinagawa Station: 4 minutes (no transfers)
・Ikebukuro Station: 37 minutes (1 transfer) or 25 minutes (0 transfers) from the Rinkai Line Shinagawa Seaside Station
・Shibuya Station: 19 minutes (1 transfer) or 15 minutes (0 transfers) from the Rinkai Line Shinagawa Seaside Station

While you may have to transfer at least once if you are going from Aomono-yokocho Station, riding from the Rinkai Line Shinagawa Seaside Station can make travel times faster with less or no transfers, making it a convenient option.


Recommended Restaurants in the Aomono-yokocho Station Area

① Cafe Musica
A cafe where you can savor different coffee blends from around the world. The place is a bit small, but is a must-visit for coffee lovers. Cream soda, lemon squash, and many other soft drinks are also available, so even children can enjoy this place. Most items are priced at around 500 yen.

Address: 2-4-1 Minami-shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3474-7213
Hours: 7:30–21:00 (varies on Saturdays and holidays)
Closed: Sundays
Website: http:

②Barttoria Kyodai
An Italian restaurant and pub with a casual, homelike atmosphere. It can accommodate up to 25 people. It’s great for bonenkai yearend parties, and can even be reserved for private events. Children are welcome. A typical meal costs around 1,000 yen for lunch and 4,000 yen for dinner.

Address: 3-5-10 Minami-shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-6712-8624
Hours: Lunch 11:30–14:00 (last order 13:30), Dinner 17:30–24:00 (last order 23:00)
Closed: Sundays


Commercial Facilities around Aomono-yokocho Station

・OK Store (open 8:00–21:30)
Located 3 minutes on foot from Aomono-yokocho Station

・Sun Drug (open 9:00–22:00)
Located 3 minutes on foot from Aomono-yokocho Station
Tsuruha Drug (open 9:00–21:30)
Located 3 minutes on foot from Aomono-yokocho Station

Having a supermarket and drugstore makes this area a convenient place to live in.

Aomono-yokocho Station Area Room Rent Rates

●Actual rates from a current real estate agent:
For a 1K room, separate bath and toilet, 2F and higher
▷Within 10 minutes on foot from the station: 93,000 yen
▷Within 15 minutes on foot from the station: 90,000 yen

Aomono-yokocho is located close to Shinagawa, and is a relatively thriving place compared to other stations along the Keikyu Main Line, making it a popular area to live in, which means that rents are a bit on the high side.


The Aomono-yokocho Station area has a good ambience, and is quite close to central Tokyo. While most stations along the Keikyu Main Line do not have supermarkets nearby, Aomono-yokocho has one just 3 minutes away, which is great if you’re looking to cook your own meals.

There are also other articles about other stations and areas, so go ahead and check them out.


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