What Is Keikyu-Kamata Station Area Like?

What Is Keikyu-Kamata Station Area Like?


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When moving to a new place, how do you choose which area to live in?
We all have different priorities as to what makes a place comfortable: public security, accessibility to schools and workplaces, abundance in shopping facilities, etc.
No matter the preference, it is often difficult to find a suitable area without acquiring enough understanding of the place in advance.

In this article, I’ll tell you about the public transportation and atmosphere of Keikyu-Kamata Station area.
To those who are interested in Keikyu-Kamata Station area, or are on the lookout for a good place to live in―this may be the article for you.


What is Keikyu-Kamata Station Like?

Keikyu-Kamata Station is a station operated by the Keikyu Corporation and is located in 4-chome Kamata, Ota Ward, Tokyo.
Japan national route 15 passes right outside of this station; the station is located at the intersection point between route 15 and the Nomikawa River.
Right outside the station, you can find the Keihin-Kamata shopping street Asuto, filled with restaurants and fashion shops.
Keep walking along this street and you will reach Kamata Station on the Keihin-Tohoku Line.

Keikyu-Kamata Station is a transfer station for passengers using the Keikyu Airport Line, making it a large station with spacious platforms.
The station building is a convenient place to shop, consisting of GU (casual wear shop), book stores, etc.


Public Transport And Accessibility Of Keikyu-Kamata Station

≪Trains Running Through Keikyu-Kamata Station≫
① Keikyu Main Line
② Keikyu Airport Line

≪Approximate Travel Time From Keikyu-Kamata Station To Central Stations≫
– Shinjuku Station: 35 min (1 transfer)
– Tokyo Station: 23 min (1 transfer)
– Roppongi Station: 30 min (1 transfer)
– Shinagawa Station: 10 min (0 transfer)
– Shibuya Station: 30 min (1 transfer)
– Haneda Airport Station: 12 min (0 transfer)

No matter which central station you are heading for, there would be a transfer at Shinagawa Station.
However, there is an indoor path connecting the Shinagawa Station and JR Lines, so transfers won’t rely on the weather and would only take around 2 to 3 minutes.

Popular Restaurants Around Keikyu-Kamata Station

① Kenko Restaurant Karori 500
・This restaurant focuses on low-calorie and nutritionally balanced dishes. They have a fashionable and laid-back atmosphere. Needless to say, the food is tasty as well as appealing, so I highly recommend you go there.
・Restaurant Information
Tokyo Ota-ku Kamata 4-29-1 Kaisei Ao Building 3F 03-5713-0550
Lunch Time
[Mon-Sat] 11:30〜15:00(L.O. 14:30)
Bistro Time
[Mon-Thurs, Holidays] 18:00〜23:00(L.O. 22:00)
【Fri, Sat】18:00〜24:00(L.O. 23:00)
Regular Holidays: Sundays

②Nouka no Nokishita Onikai
・Although this place is accessible from Keikyu-kamata, the nearest station would be Kamata Station. The day’s lunch specials are very good. The restaurant interior is plain, but the small items and plates they use are stylish, showing the restaurant’s dedication to welcoming customers. It is a place you’d want to visit again and again.
・Restaurant Information
7-chome-64-8 Nishikamata Ota City, Tokyo Shinshuya Bldg. 2F, 3F
17:00~2:00 (following day)
【Fri/ Sat/ Days before Holidays】
17:00~4:00 (following day)
*Contact us for details on lunch hours.
No Regular Holidays


Main Shopping Facilities In Keikyu-Kamata Station Area

・Keikyu Store Kamata
・Life Keikyu-Kamata Ekimae Store

●Drug Stores(Medical supplies & Daily Life Essentials)
・CREATE SD Wing Kitchen Kamata Store

●Other Shopping Streets and Shopping Facilities
・Asuto With

Rental Market Value In Kakyu-Kamata Station Area

● Rent Examples
Case 1) Separate bath/ toilet, 2F and above, stand-alone washbasin, AL, 5 min walk from station, 3 yrs old, 1K, 8 Jo (13m2) ⇒104,000 yen (management fee included)

Case 2) Separate bath/ toilet, 2F and above, stand-alone washbasin, AL, Delivery box, 7 min walk from station, 7 yrs old, 1R 9 Jo (13.7m2) ⇒83,000 yen (management fee included)

Case 3) Separate bath/ toilet, 2F and above, AL, Delivery Box, 3 min walk from station, 13 yrs old, 1K 6.5 Jo (9.9 m2)⇒ 85,000 yen (management fee included)

Case 4) Separate bath/ toilet, 2F and above, AL, 8 min walk from station, 26 yrs old, 1K 7 Jo (10.7m2)⇒65,000 yen (management fee included)


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This area is also popular among people working in the airline industry.
Easily accessible to central areas of Japan, yet having a laid back atmosphere, this is an area I’d strongly recommend considering.

I’ve also published articles about other station areas, so make sure to check them out.

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