What kind of place is Sumiyoshi Station?

What kind of place is Sumiyoshi Station?


Town & Local Area Info

How do you choose an area when you move to a new city?
There are probably various conditions that make a place easy to live in, including safety, ease of commuting to work and school, the availability of commercial facilities and more.

In this article, I will give an overview of the access to and living environment of Sumiyoshi Station.
If you want to know more about Sumiyoshi Station, or are looking for a good area to live in, this article may be for you.


What kind of place is Sumiyoshi Station?

The area is serene and the station is reachable by the Toei Shinjuku and Hanzomon lines. Another point of appeal is the big shopping area called JR Kinshicho Station located nearby. Despite the proximity to this busy shopping area, it is a quiet and pleasant place to live in.
So allow me to introduce just a small part of the charm of the wonderful Sumiyoshi area.


Traffic at Sumiyoshi Station

≪Trains that go to Sumiyoshi Station≫
① Toei Shinjuku Line
② Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line

≪Approximate travel time from Sumiyoshi Station to major stations≫
・ 21 minutes to Shinjuku Station (direct)
・ 16 minutes to Tokyo Station (1 transfer)
・ 30 minutes to Roppongi Station (1 transfer)
・ 32 minutes to Shinagawa Station (1 transfer)
・ 28 minutes to Ikebukuro Station (1 transfer)
・ 27 minutes to Shibuya Station (direct)

You can reach any of the major stations above within 30 minutes or so.
Having two different lines cross the station is what gives Sumiyoshi a great advantage in terms of access.


Recommended restaurants at Sumiyoshi Station

① Noodles Rikyuu
This is the place where I had my first ever Tsukemen, noodles accompanied by soup for dipping.
The soup has a nice fish powder scent. There is more fish powder in a container on each table, so people can add as much as they want. (within reason, of course)
It is where my love for Tsukemen started, so if you have a chance, I definitely recommend it.

② Noodles Nakagawakai
This is another Tsukemen restaurant. It serves very delicious seafood and pork-based soup Tsukemen.
You can also have the soup left in your bowl turned into curry and rice when you ask for “Karehen Rice”.
It is very delicious so don’t miss it.


Major commercial facilities near Sumiyoshi Station

[Tiara Koto]
As the name Tiara suggests, the building is shaped like a crown.
It is widely used as a venue for artistic and cultural activities, conferences and exhibitions.
The Coming-of-Age ceremony for Koto Ward residents is normally held here at the Tiara. I myself had my own Coming-of-Age ceremony here at the Tiara.
And, on a more personal note, I have been taking piano lessons since I was a child, and I often had piano recitals here. I feel so nostalgic.

Celebrities perform concerts, piano recitals, or Rakugo events, which makes this a true multi-purpose venue.
You may want to check the schedule of the Tiara before your holiday or anytime you are near.


Sumiyoshi Station rental market

● General market value according to a professional rental apartment agent

Condominium apartment, separated bathroom and toilet, 2nd floor and above, 10-minute walk from the station, 1K ⇒Approx. 85,000 yen
Condominium apartment, unit bathroom and toilet, 2nd floor and above, 10-minute walk from the station, 1K ⇒Approx. 75,000 yen
Apartment, separated bathroom and toilet, 2nd floor and above, 10-minute walk from the station, 1K ⇒Approx. 75,000 yen
Apartment, unit bathroom and toilet, 2nd floor and above, 10-minute walk from the station, 1K ⇒Approx. 70,000 yen


This time I wrote about the area around Sumiyoshi Station. I hope you found it useful.
The Sumiyoshi area still has much to discover.
There are many izakaya, cafes, ramen restaurants, and various other shops.

Situated near JR Kinshicho Station, Sumiyoshi is a quiet, comfortable and convenient area to live in.
Access to the area is good, making it convenient for going out.
I definitely recommend Sumiyoshi Station area as an interesting place to live.

I also have articles about other stations, so please check out the stations you would like to live by or those you are curious about.

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