What kind of place is Takadanobaba Station?

What kind of place is Takadanobaba Station?


Town & Local Area Info

How do you choose an area when you move to a new city?
There are probably various conditions that make a place easy to live in, including safety, ease of commuting to work and school, the availability of commercial facilities and more.

In this article, I will give a brief account of the access to and living environment of Takadanobaba Station.
If you are curious about Takadanobaba Station, or are looking for a good area, this article may be for you.


What kind of place is Takadanobaba Station?

Takadanobaba Station is located somewhere between the Shinjuku and Toshima wards, in Tokyo.
The kanji read Takada-no-Baba.

It provides good access to the city center, which, together with the fact that there are many universities nearby, brings many young people to the area.
It is an area with relatively more people living alone than families or couples.

When you say Takadanobaba, you think of the train’s special “departure melody”.
Tezuka Productions, where Osamu Tezuka was president is located here, so the departure signal for trains is actually the theme song of “Astro Boy”.
The photo shows a picture of Osamu Tezuka’s work under the station overpass.


Traffic at Takadanobaba Station

≪Trains that go to Takadanobaba Station≫
① Seibu Shinjuku Line
② JR Yamanote Line
③ Tokyo Metro Tozai Line

≪Approximate travel time from Takadanobaba Station to major stations≫
・ 5 minutes to Shinjuku Station (direct)
・ 22 minutes to Tokyo Station (2 transfers) *Or 29 minutes direct
・ 18 minutes to Roppongi Station (1 transfer)
・ 24 minutes to Shinagawa Station (direct)
・ 4 minutes to Ikebukuro Station (direct)
・ 11 minutes to Shibuya Station (direct)

As the station is located on the Yamanote Line, there is basically no need to transfer to reach most major stations.
If you use the Tozai Line, you can reach Mitaka and Kichijoji to the west or Otemachi and Nihonbashi to the east without changing trains.

It is at the intersection of multiple routes including JR lines, the Seibu Line, Tokyo Metro and private railway lines, which makes it very easy to choose another route in case of a train accident or delay.


Recommended restaurants near Takadanobaba Station

①Red Rock
・This restaurant is a famous for its roast beef rice bowl.
There are always people waiting in line. I have tried it and it was very delicious so I can see why people would be willing to wait in a line to taste it.

【Restaurant information】
3-11-14 Takada, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
11:30 am ~ 11:00 pm (L.O. at 10:00 pm)
Regular holidays: Open all year round

②Natural Taiyaki Naruto taiyaki main store
・This is a “natural” taiyaki store.
Just like fish, there are two types of taiyaki: natural and farmed.
Baking one cake at a time is “natural”, and baking many together on an iron plate, is “farmed”.
The natural taiyaki are baked one by one, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

【Store information】
2-2-1 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
10:00 am ~ 10:00 pm


Major commercial facilities near Takadanobaba Station

・ Peacock Store Takadanobaba (2-minute walk from the station)
・ My Basket Takadanobaba Station North Store (2-minute walk from the station)
・ Seiyu Takadanobaba (4-minute walk from the station)
・ Ozeki Takadanobaba (5-minute walk from the station)

・ Cocokara Fine Takadanobaba Station (1-minute walk from the station)
・ Tsuruha Drugstore (2-minute walk from the station)

● Other shopping arcade and large shopping centers
・ BIGBOX (Uniqlo, LOFT, 100-yen store, Jiyu Kukan, etc.)
・ Don Quijote

You will find many supermarkets within walking distance.
The Don Quijote store is open non-stop so you can get daily necessities any time of the day.


Rental market value near Takadanobaba

●General market value according to a professional rental apartment agent
As you can see, quite expensive because of its location along the Yamanote Line.
For a newer one bedroom, 1K apartment, the rent is about 90,000 to 100,000 yen per month.
If you are looking for something cheaper, you may find something close to what you want by looking at older buildings farther away from the station.

・1R example
Rent: 85,000 yen / Administration & common services: 8,000 yen 21.5㎡
2nd floor, 6 year old building, 5 minutes on foot from the station, in an apartment block, all rooms 7.7 tatami with separated bathroom and toilet

・1K example
Rent: 80,000 yen / Administration & common services: 5,000 yen 20.57㎡
5th floor, 15 year old building, 10 minutes on foot from the station, in an apartment block, flooring 6.3 tatami with separated bathroom and toilet, independent washstand, 2-burner stove, auto lock, delivery box, etc.

Rent: 95,000 yen / Administration & common services: 12,500 yen 25.59㎡
2nd floor, 7 year old building, 7 minutes on foot from station, in an apartment block, flooring 7.7 tatami with separated bathroom and toilet, independent washstand, 2-burner stove, auto lock, delivery box, etc.

・1LDK example
Rent: 178,000 yen / Administration & common services: 9,000 yen 42.80㎡
10th floor, 13 year old building, 6 minutes on foot from station, in an apartment block, flooring 5.4 tatami +11 tatami, independent washstand, bath re-heater, auto lock, delivery box, etc.


I hope this information is helpful.

Although very convenient, this area is a bit expensive.
However, if you want to be close to Takadanobaba, try to find something cheaper along the Seibu Line, which offers good access.

I also have articles about other stations, so please check out the stations you would like to live by or those you are curious about.


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