Regarding the use of the internet at condominiums and apartments

Regarding the use of the internet at condominiums and apartments


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For this time, we will deliver information about the internet use in condominiums and apartments.

In recent years, we have more opportunities to use not only personal computers, but tablets, smartphones, and game devices at home.

Since watching YouTube and movies consume a lot of data, there are many people who have a contract with an internet provider at home.

When you lived with my family, you probably used the internet for granted. However, when you start living by yourself for the first time, do you know how to sign up for contracts, what kind of lines there are, and how much it costs per month? There are many people who are in trouble because they have come up with a lot of things they did not know before.

So we would like to introduce pros and cons of the two types of Internet.

【Family type】

Those who live in detached houses other than multi-family houses basically use “The Family Type Internet”.

The usage fee will be slightly higher than the next Apartment Type. You will have to make a contract on a per-household basis, and you will need to pull in the line directly to your home.
All you need to do is to take electric wires outside to your home, so the construction work is relatively easy.

★ Pros
· Because it is the one household line, it is rarely interfered and the transmission speed is fast.
· Since you start with line pull-in work, various plans are available to you.

★ Cons
· The price is higher than the Apartment Type

【Apartment Type】

Next, the “Apartment Type” will pull in internet lines to the common part of condominiums and apartments, then wired and used in each room.

Because it pulls in the line on the premise that it is used by multiple households, the cost becomes cheaper than the Family Type.

★ Pros
· Since it is assumed that contracts are made with multiple households, the usage fee is cheaper

★ Cons
· Because you share the access to the internet with other households, the transmission speed may be slow in the peak time zone when many people use.
· There are limited options of available lines (eg. because it is decided by an apartment)

As described briefly, there are differences between the Family Type and the Apartment Type, as well as advantages and disadvantages of each.

If you live in a complex housing (condominium or apartment), not only the Apartment Type but also the Family Type may be available.

Those who live in rental housing should ask permission from the building management company or the owner so that you can pull in the lines to your room. With their permission, you will be able to use it.

However, depending on the construction content, they might have to create a hole on a wall. Therefore, please be aware that you might not get permission from them.

If both of the options, the apartment type and the family type, are available to you, it will be very convenient for those who use the internet at home for work and those who care about the transmission speed such as for online games. .

Until now, the focus was given to the internet connection which requires internet lines into your room. However, there is also another option, called “Mobile Wi-Fi router (Pocket Wi-Fi)”.

Let’s have a brief look at this.

【Mobile Wi-Fi router (Pocket Wi-Fi)】

Various items are out in the market, they are often called differently. Yet, in short, you can understand it as “the internet that can be carried and used wirelessly”. The biggest strength of this item is that it can be used both inside and outside the house.

It is portable and you can use it wirelessly. Of course you do not need any construction work. There are many options such as the capacity and the speed, as many companies have released a various range of mobile Wi – Fi routers.

★ Pros
· Can be used inside or outside of the house
· Since the construction is unnecessary, you can start using the internet easily.

★ Cons
· Depending on the place of use, the transmission speed may be slow or it may not be available
· Depending on the plan, transmission restrictions may be applied on a middle of a month, 3 days, 1 day, etc.

【Comment from the writer】

Some rarely use the internet, while others like to watch movies. The use of the internet is different for each of us. If you are willing to make a contract with new internet provider, visit electronic and home appliances retails or internet agencies for more information. Please find the right plan for you and enjoy using the internet at home.

Next time, we will provide you with more detailed information about the Apartment Type.

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