A Little Treat During Flight In Japan – Soraben Meals –

A Little Treat During Flight In Japan – Soraben Meals –


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Do you all like airplanes and airports? If I were told to spend time at an airport, I could stay at the rooftop terrace, watching the planes take off and land for the entire day―that’s how much I like them.
However, when it comes to actually going to airports and boarding planes, these occasions come only a few times a year when I fly back to my hometown…
So, on such rare occasions, there are a few things I always look forward to:

①The original in-flight drink, consommé soup.

②Eating at the airport!

Of course, at times I just fill up at a restaurant before checking in. But these days, I prefer to buy a Soraben (boxed meals sold at airports) and eat by the boarding gate while I watch television.
Now with the rather lengthy introduction over, let me move ahead to talking about these Soraben meals!


Ningyocho Imahan: Sukiyaki Box 1,500 yen (exclude tax)

A Soraben from the famous Sukiyaki (thinly cut beef dish) restaurant. I still haven’t had Imahan Sukiyaki in their restaurants, but I have tried their takeaway lunch boxes. I don’t usually buy lunches this expensive, so I remember buying this one, and that it tasted great.
Even at this age, I still don’t buy any lunch boxes that are too expensive. The only occasion I have to treat myself, is when I select this Soraben.

Anyway, getting back to the Sukiyaki Box, I can’t stress enough how delicious the beef is! The visual appearance was beautiful too! It isn’t that filling, but the ingredients are well organized into the box. How elegant it is! I was quite moved by it. The wheat gluten and shiitake mushrooms absorbed the broth well. The Japanese omelet on the side was also wonderful.
Since the Sukiyaki Box was so good, I bought them again as gifts for my parents on mother’s day and father’s day.


Niku no Mansei: Man Katsu (fried pork cutlet) Sandwich 700 yen (include tax)

Perhaps, this is the first Soraben I have ever eaten: Niku no Mansei’s Man katsu Sandwiches.
I usually take the first or last flight when I visit my hometown. When I take the last flight, it would be late at night by the time I got to my family’s home, so I like to have dinner before boarding time.
One day, I was very hungry, but didn’t have the time to go to a restaurant and wait for my meal to be prepared. So, I was wandering around the airport in search of something to eat― when I spotted these sandwiches.

Grasping one, I was met with surprise. The bread was so soft! Unbelievable! In between the soft bread, was a thick cutlet and sauce, and its flavors spread in my mouth the more I chewed.
I was smiling with content…it was so good! I immediately wolfed it down in front of the boarding gate.


AMANOYA Traditional Japanese Egg Sandwich, SHOURO Shouro Sandwich

The two Soraben I introduced above were both something I had already tried; this time, I’d like to introduce a Soraben I am planning to eat in the future.

First, is the Japanese egg sandwich! Speaking of Soraben, AMANOYA is famous for the Traditional Japanese Egg Sandwich, but I’m also curious about the Shouro Sandwich at Tsukiji, Tokyo! I still haven’t gotten the chance to do a taste comparison on these two, but I definitely will sometime soon. The match of thick Japanese omelet with fluffy bread is exquisite!

The second, is the inarizushi (sushi wrapped in fried tofu)! I just love inarizushi, my grandmother often used to make them for me. As an inarizushi-lover, I am curious about the Soraben, Anamori Okowa Inari.

It is a cute-sized inarizushi, so I assume they are favored by female customers too. Each box has a variety of flavors, so you can enjoy them to the last piece.


[Writer’s Comment]

How was this article?

I myself am still new to this field of Soraben, so I’d like to continue on in my search for new and delicious Soraben.

For your little treat during the flight, I hope you all can find your favorite Soraben!

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