【Safety information about Setagaya Ward】Safety information about Tokyo 23 Wards

【Safety information about Setagaya Ward】Safety information about Tokyo 23 Wards


Town & Local Area Info

We would like to provide you with the safety information of Kita Ward, starting with the following basic information.

【Basic information about Kita Ward】

■ Population: 340,300
■ Area: 20.59k ㎡
■ Crime rate (Area × Population × Number of cases): 0.89%
■ Criminal form
· Bicycle theft (1191 cases)
· Burglary of a residence (151 cases)
· Stealing valuables from an unattended car (131)

【Kita Ward】

Located next to Saitama Prefecture, Kita Ward is the entrance of North Tokyo.

There are a large number of older people, and therefore the population of the ward had been. However, it has recently become a popular area once again due to the Akabane region.

There are about 70 shopping streets and each of them holds many fairs and events, it maintains a good atmosphere of the typical traditional Japanese town.

【Safety situation and efforts for improvement】

The number of crimes in Kita Ward is decreasingly these days just like other wards in Tokyo, and therefore it seems like it is safer than before.

However, compared to the population, Kita Ward has a large number of criminal offences. In addition, the decline rate of crimes is relatively average among Tokyo 23 Wards, thus we cannot say that it is very safe.

Having noted this, the ward and communities work hard to improve the safety. Kita Ward particularly focuses on patrols. Apart of general patrols, they put patrol stickers in local post office, banks, vehicles of news paper agencies. They also conducts anti-crime lectures and patrol by bicycles.

As an example, there is a new activity called “Kita Ward safeguard network for children”. This is after a crime happens, the ward works close with police to establish the risk management committee, and also immediately send warning emails to kinder gardens, public and private primary school, childcare, nursing homes, local communities from the Ward. This is aimed to build a network between each

You can see that the ward seeks to reduce the crime such as

【Great access to public transportation】

Kita has the largest number of JR stations in Tokyo 23 Wards.

With the Saikyo Line, you can directly go to Ikebukuro Station, Shinjuku Station and Shibuya Station, while you can also go to Ueno Station, Tokyo Station and Shinagawa Station straight with the Keihin Tohoku Line.

In addition, Tokyo-Ueno Line connects the Utsunomiya Line, Takasaki Line, Tojo Line and Tokaido Line, it is convenient to access to the Kanagawa direction. As you can see, it has a great access to a variety of areas, which is one of the most attractive aspects about Kita Ward.


While the society is getting older and having less children, Kita Ward is becoming as popular as before due to the popularity of Akabane region.

Because Kita Ward works well to deal with number of issues, such as by building safety network for children, it is expected that Kita Ward will be safer in the coming years.

It is very comfortable to live due to the good access to public transport as well as a number of shopping streets and commercial facilities around the areas. It is therefore recommended for both single and family.

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