【Rental Apartment】Trouble Case 3 : When renting an apartment

【Rental Apartment】Trouble Case 3 : When renting an apartment


Housing in Japan

Here, we will introduce series of trouble cases people encounter when renting an apartment.

Please also look at trouble cases 1 and 2 when renting an apartment.

Resident A:【I was told to pay house the cleaning expense when I left the apartment. 】

When renting the apartment, there was a statement in my lease so as to follow “the guidelines” for house cleaning. However, I remember that I have not received a detailed explanation about the guidelines. Do I have to pay the house cleaning expense in this case?

Agency:【If there is a description about the guidelines in the lease, you are obliged to pay the expense. 】

Please take a look at the Troubles and Guidelines for Maintaining the Original State” issued by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

As you can see, the guideline states that the cost of house cleaning is to be borne by the lessor.

In this case, since there is a reference on the lease, saying “it follows the guidelines” , basically Resident A has the obligation to pay the cleaning expense.

In addition, if the indoor space in general such as the wallpaper, gets discolored or got attached with the smell of cigarette, you might be obliged to pay the cost of the cleaning of the entire room or the cost of changing the wallpaper. Therefore, it is better to avoid smoking indoors.

While you can find a kind of cigarettes which is less likely to leave stains and smell, it is not 100% safe, and we would recommend you to stay at the rental apartment with a respect and good manners.

Resident A:【I am leaving my rental house at the end of this month. I want to get the security deposit back as soon as possible. 】

I notified the landlord that I am leaving, one month in advance.

I have made an arrangement to move out at the end of the month. I would like to get the security deposit back as soon as possible.

When I told the landlord that “since I am leaving at the end of this month, I would like to get the deposit back at the end of the month, they said no. I would like to get it back immediately.

Agency: 【The deposit will be returned after you leave the room. This is because the room has to be inspected 】

The purpose of the deposit is for landlords to cover the encumbrance of the lessor. So, in the case where there is no particular agreement on the lease matter, generally the deposit is returned after adjusting an account of the obligation.

When you leave the apartment, please ask the landlord for the security deposit and check when and how it will be returned.

It will be difficult to get it back on the day you leave, as in this case, however, it is important to check when it will be returned.

It would be wise to check about the refund of deposit at the time of signing your lease, so that you do not have to panic when you leave.

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