Public security in Tokyo’s 23 wards (Adachi Ward)

Public security in Tokyo’s 23 wards (Adachi Ward)


Town & Local Area Info

In this column, we’re introducing information on the public security in Adachi Ward. First, take a look at the basic information below:

【Basic Information】

■Land Area:53.25 square kilometers (20.55 square miles)
■Crime Rate (Land Area x Population x Number of crimes):0.8%
■Type of Crimes:
・Bicycle Thefts(2,158)
・Car Break-ins(317)

【Adachi, an unsafe area?】

Adachi is the northernmost ward in Tokyo’s 23 wards, and there’s a certain stereotype that it is the most unsafe ward among the 23 wards. However, the higher crime rate can be due to its larger land area and larger population, compared to other wards. Unfortunately, it is true that Adachi was ranked as the ward with largest number of crimes among the 23 wards, and the number of crimes such as murders and arsons are not small.

【Measures to improve public security】

The Adachi Ward Office has been taking its notorious reputation seriously, and has been working hard with the police to reduce crimes. In order to create the environment that leads to less crime, it promoted the Beautiful Windows Movement, following the example of the same movement operated in New York City. (The Beautiful Windows Movement aims to prevent crimes by improving the crime-leading environment, such as broken windows, graffiti, abandoned bicycles, and littering.)

Bicycle thefts are common in neighborhoods like Ayase, Takenozuka, and Nishi-Arai, and the Ward Office has been actively combatting the situation by taking numerous countermeasures. We can say that Adachi is the most public security conscious ward in the 23 wards. As a result, it is no longer the ward with the largest number of crimes since 2010, and the crime reduction rate reached -26% in recent years, which is much higher than any other 22 wards.

【Popular neighborhoods in Adachi】

With their safety and convenience, Takenozuka, Ayase and Nishi-Arai are the popular neighborhoods in Adachi. As Adachi is the northernmost ward in Tokyo’s 23 wards, it does not have the best access to transportation. However, Takenozuka and Ayase are the starting stations for many lines, and that makes it easy to find seats during your rides into central Tokyo.

Kita-Senju is becoming popular among young people, because of its great living conditions such as good access to transportation (There are five lines going through the station: Joban Line, Hibiya Line, Chiyoda Line, Isezaki Line, and Tsukuba Express), and a lot of commercial facilities.

Also, the average rent in Adachi is relatively cheap compared to other 22 wards: The average rent for One Room is 50,000 to 60,000 yen, 1K and 1DK are 60,000 to 70,000 yen, 1LDK is 90,000 to 100,000 yen, 2K is 60,000 to 70,000 yen, and 2DK is 70,000 to 80,000 yen.


It is unfortunate that Adachi is regarded by many as an unsafe area among the 23 wards, but each neighborhood and station has different security level. In fact, many people living in the area feel that it is safer than they imagined. It may not be the most convenient or the safest area in Tokyo, but this is a perfect area for those who are hoping to reduce housing costs.

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