Tips for Living Alone: Convenient cleaning equipment recommended by real estate agents

Tips for Living Alone: Convenient cleaning equipment recommended by real estate agents


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Living alone can be lots of fun. You can do what you like in your own time, and you won’t get scolded for coming home late at night. On the other hand, it also brings something inevitable: household chores. While many people like to cook their own food, it’s harder to find anyone who likes to do house cleaning. In this article, we’ll introduce to you some convenient and easily available cleaning equipment that are perfect for those who find house cleaning a hassle.

Convenient cleaning equipment for the living room

First, let’s talk about equipment for cleaning the living room. Here are two convenient items you can use.

Floor Wiper

Floor wipers have a long handle and a flat rectangular head that you cover with a microfiber sheet. It is also commonly known by one of its trademark names, the Quickle wiper. This item makes floor cleaning quick and hassle-free, and its narrow, movable head lets you clean almost every spot easily. Its compact size also means that it’s easy to store, and doesn’t take space like a vacuum cleaner. Wiper sheets are commonly available in dry and wet types, and it’s handy to have a stock of both.

Carpet Sticky Roller

The sticky roller is shaped like a paint roller, but its head has a roll of adhesive sheets. You use it by rolling it on carpets or rugs to pick up lint, dust, and hair. It was originally developed by the Nitoms company under the trademark name Colocolo. While many people living alone probably don’t have carpets, this item is also useful for cleaning futons, sofas, and even clothing. It is commonly available in short and long handles, but the short handle type is recommended for various applications.

Convenient cleaning equipment for the kitchen

Next, we’d like to show you two handy items for cleaning the kitchen.

Chlorine-based bleach/cleanser

This item is useful for removing stains or lime scale from your steel sink or gunk from your drain. Just spray it on the spot you want to clean, let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse it off with water. It is also available for sale in 100-yen shops, so it’s a handy and affordable item to have.

Kitchen paper/Paper towel

This absorbent paper is usually used for soaking up water or oil from food items, but its durability makes it useful for cleaning purposes as well. While it might not be very cost-effective since it is meant to be disposable, it can be more hygienic compared to using the same sponge repeatedly for cleaning.

Convenient cleaning equipment for the bathroom

Finally, here are two convenient items you can use for cleaning the bathroom.

Mirror water stain remover

This item is available as a liquid spray, but a more convenient alternative is the sponge with an abrasive pad. You just soak the sponge in water and rub the pad on the mirror to remove stubborn stains and water scales. It’s fun and easy to use, and you will have a shiny bathroom mirror in no time.

Bath shoes/Bath boots

While not a cleaning item per se, these rubber shoes are strongly recommended if you want to clean your bathroom without getting your feet wet (especially during the cold winter), or if you don’t like the feeling of cleansing fluid on your soles. They are also available in 100-yen shops.

Author’s Remarks

So there you have it. If you’re the type who feels tired and depressed just thinking of cleaning your room, these are some handy items that will make cleaning quick, easy, and maybe even fun. There are also new and convenient items constantly coming out into the market, so it’s a good idea to check out your nearest drug store or 100-yen shop from time to time.

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