Missed the Last Train! 3 Ways to Spend the Night Comfortably

Missed the Last Train! 3 Ways to Spend the Night Comfortably


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Missed the Last Train! 3 Ways to Spend the Night Comfortably

“Oh no! I missed the last train!”

A case like this is not uncommon if you are living in Japan.

You may have been wrapped up in your work, or had too much fun at the drinking party….

Unable to realize how late it was getting until the last hour….

Catching a taxi for 1,000 yen would be an alright plan if you lived close enough, but if your home was far, the late-night fare for a ride may cost you more than 10,000yen…not to mention, you can’t be sure of catching a taxi to begin with.

*Until around 1am to 2am, late night buses are available from the central stations of Tokyo. They are much more reasonable than taxis, so try to take the bus if you have the chance.


In this case, however, how about choosing “not to go home” as an option, and think about how to spend, and even enjoy, the night comfortably.


So, today we will introduce you 3 ways to spend the night comfortably.


A Good Night’s Sleep at a Business Hotel or a Capsule Hotel

This is unmistakably the best way to spend the night (considering you can catch some sleep).

On the other hand, this choice will cost you 4,000 yen and over for a business hotel, or 2,000 yen and over for a capsule hotel.


Let’s compare business hotels with capsule hotels.

Capsule hotel rooms are single size, wide enough for one person to sleep. But in most hotels, the ceiling is so low that you will hit your head if you rise without caution.

Business hotel rooms are definitely more comfortable. They are private rooms. Regarding accommodation, they may lose to tourist hotels, but they are surely enough if you just want to sleep.


If you are someone who is able to sleep relatively under any condition, then you will have no trouble staying at a capsule hotel.

Whereas, if you want to refresh yourself for the next day, then business hotels are recommended. The downside, as written in the beginning, is that it will be relatively expensive.


Sing Solo All Night Long in a Karaoke!

If you miss your last train, you might as well release your stress by singing in karaoke!

You can order the all-you-can-drink course, and foods also come in various menus. The staff will bring your order directly to your room.

After singing, you can play music videos of your favorite artist as you fall asleep. Some karaoke machines even have games installed in them. You might find ways to enjoy karaoke that you have never tried before when you are with friends. The cost for free time courses until morning hours are less expensive than the usual karaoke charge. (around 1,500yen )


On the contrary, there are some disadvantages as well.

Karaoke rooms can’t be locked so they are not perfectly safe, and it might be difficult to sleep if the people on the same floor are having parties and making a racket. Nowadays, solo karaoke boxes are also available, where you are likely to get a little more peace and quiet.


The Classic Way! Indulge in Reading and Surfing at an Internet Cafe

Nowadays, staying at an “Internet Cafe” is the classic way to spend the night. It is a great opportunity to read that manga you were always curious about, or relate back to the past with an old favorite.

There are so many of these cafes now, that you have a good chance of coming across one even around small stations. The most typical net café has tons of manga, and a seat where you can access the internet. Depending on the cafe, you can borrow game devices, and enjoy darts/billiards/karaoke as well. These services will help you have a good time alone.

Rooms types fall into reclining seats, flat seats, and even Japanese-style rooms where more than one person is allowed to stay.

Registering, reading manga, and surfing on the internet until morning will cost you around only 1,500 yen, so it won’t be too expensive,

On the downside, net cafes are not “completely private” so the noises of neighboring users can easily bother your sleep, especially when they snore loudly.


[Notes from the Writer]

Did you find this information useful? For all 3 ways described you can “have fun and go to sleep whenever you’d like”. If you have these ideas in mind, missing a train will not become such a big deal. Tough times bring opportunity. Still, it’s true there’s no place like home, so  take care not to miss the train too many times.

If you do, you might become obsessed with playing alone at night, and eventually stop going home at all. You wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?

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