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Customer's Voice

Voices from our customers.
Thanks from our customers become our energy.


  • 01

    Reason you chose Nihon Agent

    After registering with a house hunting app, I was contacted by a staff member of Nihon Agent.

    I chose to do my house hunting with Nihon Agent because they were able to answer my questions and explain important details in Chinese.

  • 02

    Please tell us some good points of Nihon Agent.

    1. They helped me a lot regarding daily life in Japan.
    I had just arrived in Japan and was having issues with my bank account application, but Nihon Agent staff helped me solve the problem.

    also provided advice and support on my moving in and other daily life issues.

    2. They did their best to support my house hunting.
    Honestly speaking, I had some stringent prerequisites for the room I wanted, so I didn't think that they would be able to find a suitable place easily.

    But their staff kept searching for properties that met my conditions, and they were eventually able to find an ideal room for me.

    3. They had a great atmosphere
    First of all, their office had a convenient location and a good interior atmosphere. As an architect myself, I can say that Nihon Agent had the best office among all the real estate agencies I have visited. They even gave me a drink and some sweets while I was waiting.

    They also regularly hold social gatherings for their tenant community. I wasn't really into it at first, but after joining one, I was able to make a lot of new acquaintances.
    I even got to meet some people in the same profession, expanding my business network in Japan.

  • 03

    Do you know our customer gathering "Heya Commu"?

    There was actually a social gathering on the day I signed my rental contract, so I decided to join together with my real estate agent.

    I don't normally go to large gatherings where I don't know most of the people, so I was quite uncomfortable at first.

    But I got to meet many friendly people including other foreign residents, and I was able to make new friends in my very first event.

  • 04

    Do you have a message for others who are going house hunting?

    For those who can speak Japanese, can't speak Japanse, those who just arrived in Japan, or have been living here for long time,,, each foreigner has each problem in finding apartment in Japan.

    Team Nihon Agent tries their best to deal with those difficulty, even if the problem is outside the field of real estate agent job.

    Why don't you rely on them for your apartment search? I hope you find an ideal apartment for you.

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